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testimonial_amyIt was about 7 months ago when I first walked in to Full Time Fitness and sat down with Hilton to discuss Personal Training. I was at least 80 lbs overweight and completely out of shape. My weight had gradually increased over the past 10 years and as a result it had impacted me not only physically but had become a cage that was holding me captive from who I KNEW I could be:

After 7 months we accomplished what many OTHER Trainers and professionals would have told me was impossible! While the stats are impressive what the additional gains from my work with Hilton was far more important.

For the first time in 10 years

– My Confidence is BACK! I feel myself walking a little bit taller; my head held a little bit higher…I am ready for anything that comes my way! There is no place that I won’t consider going to or feel that I am “not good enough” to go!

I have a relationship with my boys that I have ALWAYS dreamed of

– Not only can I be that person that they can talk to and someone who teaches them stuff

– But, I can RUN with them, keep up with them – and, to be honest — Be AHEAD of them, which is probably MORE important when you have an 8 and 4 year old!

I am reconnecting with friends & family I haven’t seen in years!

People who were so important to me and who I valued so much, but was embarrassed to see — Finally being able to accept invitations– and be EXCITED to attend!

My Spirit is OPEN!

– Sorry, I know this sounds a little Oprah-ish…But, it’s true what they say: You can’t truly love someone else, or accept OTHER people’s love, until you learn to LOVE YOURSELF! Today, Now, I can honestly say

– “I LIKE MYSELF”…and not because of the number on the scale – but, because I feel strong and inspired every day…Ready to take on whatever challenge is coming!

From me – AND my family and friends — Thank you, Hilton, for helping me Break-Out of my CAGE…And, getting me BACK IN THE PICTURE!

“More You”

Amysue Kashubara

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Hilton Ferguson with Full Time Fitness has been my personal trainer since December, 2009. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Hilton’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle. The results that Hilton and I together have achieved with my body (“our body”- as Hilton would say) through cardiovascular and strength training are proof that if you have dedication and follow his direction, results WILL happen. I’m 5’8, 35 years old and weighed 173 pounds and after just one month of training with Hilton, we were seeing remarkable results. At my first I was down 11 pounds and 2 pants sizes. It’s now been 1 year and I weigh 145 pounds, my body fat percentage is at 17.5% and I wear a size 2-4!!!.

I can’t wait to see what Hilton challenges me to do during every workout because Hilton challenges me to “Be the Best”.

Tiffany Kelley-Hansen


“Why do I pay for such torture? Because it gets results!!!

My time with Holden as my trainer has been filled with agony as he instructs me to do
the impossible, coupled with the joy of seeing the numbers decrease…on
the scale, on the tape measure, and in the tag of my clothes. I work hard,
and I know Holden works as hard to keep my body surprised with the new
workouts he develops…he keeps me coming back for more!”

Ayanna Davis


In my younger High School and College days I was fairly athletic participating in many sports; football, baseball and basketball. Unfortunately after starting a family and a career being physically active was last on my list of priorities. Over the years I tried to make an effort by joining local gyms, participating in club sports, and purchasing home exercise equipment but since I had no real training my results were poor.

My journey with Hilton and Fulltime Fitness was spurred by my rising health care costs and the concentrated effort from our company’s wellness program. Hilton and his team designed both a fitness and dietary program that allowed me to meet my targets if I was willing to work at it. It was tough and at first I struggled but Hilton would always listen to my feedback and make adjustments leaving me no excuses. My job requires quite a bit of travel and even with my busy schedule Hilton sets me up with travel workouts that I can do with or without equipment and updates them regularly to keep me improving even while I’m away.

Hilton has a great team of trainers and while most of my time is with Hilton I know that if a scheduling conflict comes up that I can jump in with one of the other trainers and they will respond with the same personal attention. I have been committed to Hilton Ferguson and the “Fulltime Fitness” team going on two years now and my desire is to never let up! I would strongly recommend Hilton and any of the Fulltime Fitness Team to help you meet your fitness goals. The hardest part is committing yourself but I am confident that if you commit to the this team they will get you to your goals!

Dave Abts, Age 49
V.P. of Manufacturing, Columbia Forest Products

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I’ve struggled on and off my entire life with trying to maintain a balance of health. I have been 112 pounds (I don’t ever want to be that hungry again!) and I have been over 200. (During/after pregnancy) Now, in my 40’s I’ve made the decision once and for all to get fit and stay fit for good.

In the fall of 2012 I weighed almost 170 pounds (I am 5’6″). I have a very physical job in the outdoors as a kayaking instructor and wilderness guide. I was out of shape, out of breath, had runaway heartbeats (galloping heartbeats even when I was in bed!) and in the DR.’s office having EKG’S to try to figure out what was wrong, and out of solutions. I was exhausted and felt sick all the time. I had lost weight before (45 pounds when I was 19 to go on to win the swimsuit competition in a scholarship pageant and 2nd runner up) and then again after giving birth to my son I lost 85 pounds and kept it off for years but it always crept back on.

I’ve also struggled with smoking cigarettes most of my life. I kicked that habit once and for all thank God, by using half dosages of the prescription drug, Chantix. It was a miracle for me. But at 42 in 2012 I found myself getting heavy again and miserably out of shape and I was very scared. This time all my old tricks of heavy exercise/activities and eating less was not working. I tried Weight Watchers again, South Beach, Atkins, you name it, I tried it. I also tried adding more activity, but the more activity I did, the bigger and more out of shape I got. I could not figure out what was going on. So, after seeing a total transformation in two of my 40 something girlfriends (they looked better than fit, they were “sculpted” but feminine at the same time.) I wanted what they had gotten. So I reached out to their amazingly gifted personal trainer. That was in April of 2013 and within 6 months, I have lost 30 pounds, gained a lot of muscle and strength, (and am still losing weight but gaining muscle and more importantly for my career: STAMINA) am not tired and fatigued any longer but full of energy and have never felt so STRONG.

I have gone from barely being able to fit into a size 14 pants to a size 6. I have no more heart palpitations, and I had the opportunity to guide my dream trip of a group of kayakers to the Outer Banks on a three day, strenuous primitive kayak camping trip with ease physically and gusto to spare. My next goal is to compete for fun in a triathlon adventure race. I’ve learned about clean eating from Hilton and that “activity” is NOT ENOUGH and does not replace BUILDING MUSCLE (lifting weights) AND BURNING FAT (cardio). I also have a permanent neck injury that was always painful, and Hilton has helped heal that injury by strengthening my back. I am so grateful that I trusted him to help me!

I am so much happier and healthier, my family has benefited hugely, and my work is once again a total pleasure. There is no food that tastes so great as how being fit feels! (I read that somewhere, I can’t remember where) I encourage anyone who struggles to just make the decision to make a change, you won’t regret it! Oh, and we were thrilled when my life insurance status got changed from “high risk smoker/overweight” to “PREFERRED lowest rates you can get” status. The nurse who went over my numbers with me after the extensive tests was just beside herself. She said the numbers don’t get any better than this! THANK YOU HILTON for helping me save my life! My hope is that my journey will inspire my friends and family to decide to get fit as well.

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Brad started working out with Hilton Ferguson as part of his company wide fitness program to improve health and reduce health problems. After one year of fitness training, Brad felt better, stronger and fit.

Libby started working out and training with Hilton with goals of being able to lift and assist her family member. I have never been an exerciser before but learned that I like working out and I feel better. I have dropped weight and several clothing sizes.

Exercising and fitness takes commitment and accountability. Brad and I do what we do best and have trusted Hilton to do what he does best in helping us not only reach our fitness goals but to be accountable to continuing to stay fit. Hilton is encouraging and tuned in to our individual needs. He keeps the routines challenging and interesting.

We simply did not exercise without a personal trainer and the investment we made in training with Hilton has surpassed our expectations!

Brad Thompson, CEO Columbia Forest Products
Libby Thompson, RD, LD

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I work closely with someone who experienced tremendous results through working with a Full Time Fitness (FTF) trainer. I would pay her compliments often on her leaner, stronger figure; though, she used that conversation as an opportunity to promote wellness and recommended I give FTF a try too. It took a few offers, but I eventually scheduled a trial workout.

I’ve been to other gyms for a “free” workout and have never been impressed. In 30 minutes, I had the best workout and clearly understood the value of working with a FTF trainer. At least I thought I did. As an initial goal, I told my trainer I was happy with my size and that I just wanted to add on some muscle. After just a couple weeks of working out, my body was trimming down and liked what I saw! I decided he might have a better idea than I did of my unrealized potential, so I followed his plan.

Before FTF, I was wearing an XL shirt size, a 40” pant, and thought I was the size I needed to be. 15 weeks later, I’ve shredded 20 pounds of fat, am down to 22% body fat (from 30%), wear a small shirt size and a 34” pant, and added on lean muscle mass. The old me never thought this could be possible. He was a nice guy and we had great times, but I had to leave him and his excuses behind. The new me sees 12% body fat as a realistic future target through hard work and discipline. I appreciate what the FTF team has done for me and look forward to continuing my FTF journey!

Cyrus Reyes

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Personal Trainer Diana James has served several satisfied clients as well